Recycled Packaging?

Hello, everyone!

I ran across a post on Facebook today about whether or not it is okay to use recycled packaging to send out orders... 

Here's my opinion. Yes. Yes, it is not only acceptable, but it's also a smart environmentally conscious way to do business. I try to use recycled packaging wherever I can, and I was wrapping them in brown paper to make it look more presentable. BUT! I was informed by UPS and USPS that my package my not get to it's destination when wrapped thusly as the machinery that sorts the packages can and sometimes does rip that wrapping right off the box. That means that the shipping label can get lost in the works.

Here's my solution to that. If you receive a package from me that is in a recycled box, like one that I received something from Amazon in, you'll find a sticker that I designed attached, along with a "Go Rogue" sticker to let you know (if the shipping label didn't make it obvious) that the package is from my business. 

I've now decided (after reading the post) to offer these stickers in my shop in kiss cut sheets of 12, 2" stickers for under $2 for other sellers who would like to do the same. 

It tells your clients that you are environmentally savvy and will do what you can to give them new purpose besides becoming just another item in the landfill.

So... If you order from me, don't be surprised if it (the packaging) is previously used. I promise I'll only use those that are in good shape so that your package gets to you safely.

Oh, just for transparency sake, Your item will likely be wrapped in plastic. This is something I wish I didn't have to do, because plastic-UGH! But unfortunately we all know that sometimes (apparently more often than not lately) the shipping companies aren't exactly safe with the shipping company. Sometimes they're left out in the rain without being wrapped by the carrier, which can leave your items waterlogged or damaged. I don't want that, so I wrap it before packaging, just in case.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Happy sewing everyone!
Christy D.